Considering A 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna? Why It Might Be Right For You

Many users prefer a 2 person far infrared sauna to a smaller unit. Here’s why you might be among them.




Can Far Infrared Saunas Promote A Heart-Healthy Lifestyle?

While many things claim to be heart-healthy–from breakfast cereal to swimming–most people haven’t considered the heart health benefits that far infrared saunas have to offer. If your doctor has cleared you for sauna use, you should consider incorporating this gentle, natural technology into your daily routine, and here is why.



Infrared Saunas For Self-Care

You’ve seen the magazine articles and blog posts: infrared saunas are stylish these days. They may be popular among everyone from Hollywood celebrities to elite athletes, but their popularity might make you skeptical. Famous people are prone to diving into strange trends, so how can you know that saunas are not another empty fad? It’s important to look behind the headlines and see the solid foundation of science that continues to back them up.

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Have you wondered how your sauna measures up when it comes to EMF emissions?

In our modern life, electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are difficult to avoid. Since EMFs are generated any time electricity is used, most of us are surrounded by EMFs all day long, whether we’re driving, lighting our homes, or using our devices. However, many people wonder whether unmitigated EMF exposure is benign, and how it relates to far infrared sauna EMF emissions. Here’s how to check your sauna and other devices to know for sure.

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Reasons Why an Infrared Sauna Can Sooth Depression

While some benefits of regular infrared sauna use are intuitive, like pain relief, relaxation, and increased circulation–some fly under the radar, even among health conscious people One of these lesser-known benefits is their ability to boost mood and ease depression. If this comes as a surprise, check out the evidence.


While it is clear that saunas promote relaxation, the precise thing that causes this is less obvious.According to a recent study, when it comes to depression it is the increase in body temperature (or hyperthermia) that has a positive effect on people with major depression. This positive effect is so powerful that it can last for up to six weeks after a single sauna session. If you are debating between purchasing an infrared sauna or a traditional sauna, this is a powerful argument in favor of infrared. As you may know, while traditional steam saunas warm the air around you, an infrared sauna warms your body directly. This achieves hyperthermia more quickly, and at a lower temperature.


In an exciting development for those who struggle with anxiety, infrared sauna treatments may also be effective for them. In a studyobserving the effects of sauna use on chronic fatigue syndrome and anxiety, (which often goes hand-in-hand with depression)symptoms were shown to be relieved by regular sauna use.

Far Infrared Saunas And Inflammation: Easing The Pain

Chronic pain, such as from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or chronic inflammation, can be more than just uncomfortable. For many, chronic pain is debilitating, keeping them from working the way they want to, the activities they like, and from enjoying their lives. It’s understandable that those with chronic pain would try any treatment option available, but with concerns over the opioid crisis growing, many are seeking a non-drug intervention. Heat therapy like far infrared saunas are non-addictive, safe, and pleasant. Wondering how a sauna session can work to ease your arthritis?



How An Infrared Sauna Works

You may have noticed that using an infrared sauna is trendy these days, but treating your health shouldn’t be just a trend. If you’re like most people, you want to fully understand how a new technology works before investing time and money in it. We have put together a brief primer on exactly what an infrared sauna is (and isn’t), and how it can improve your health and relaxation.

The Power of Light

Unlike traditional saunas, which use heated rocks to create steam that heats the air around you, infrared saunas use far infrared light. This light from a range of the visible spectrum heats your body directly without heating the air around you. This means that you can achieve the benefits of sauna use at lower temperatures and without steam. If you’ve used an infrared heating lamp for a pet, then you’ve used the same sort of light, except that the far infrared light systems used in an infrared sauna are more advanced.

What Are The Benefits?

Most people think of saunas as being something to use at the gym, or in a fancy club, but they’re also good for more than just athletes or tired businessmen. Regular sauna use can be beneficial for anyone who suffers from:

●chronic stress

●chronic pain


●type 2 diabetes