We Explore the Truth About Far Infrared Sauna EMF

If you’ve considered getting yourself a sauna, then you might have heard about far infrared sauna EMF and how it might be harmful to humans. Is it as dangerous as some alarmists have reported it to be? Here’s an overview that can help you understand and judge for yourself.


To put it as simply, EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. They’re magnetic and cause electric energy to radiate through space. In modern society, they are virtually everywhere. Cordless phones, microwave ovens, keyboards and mice, and clock radios all cause them. As of this moment, scientific evidence has not been presented which indicates that EMF is harmful to humans.

Infrared saunas produce infrared radiant heat waves that are similar to those emitted by the sun. When you use your sauna these waves warm your body, and the heat created is not only safe, but and can be beneficial to your health.


It is true that infrared saunas produce a low level of EMF, which is why some people to have concerns. Some believe that exposure to high levels of EMF might be harmful to humans in the same way that exposure to the sun’s rays can be harmful if you stay out in direct sunlight for too long without protection. Recent scientific research gives us no definitive answers for the precise about of EMF to avoid (if any), but JNH saunas have been manufactured to produce as little EMF as possible. The amount generated by a JNH sauna is negligible. A single appliance in your home, like that microwave, laptop computer, etcetera, produces the same amount as a functioning JNH sauna.

An Infrared Sauna Can Work Wonders for Your Health

If you’ve ever gone to the gym and worked out alongside a personal trainer, you might have heard them mention that sweat can be beneficial. When you work out, the sweat that you release cleanses unwelcome toxins from the body. Getting a good sweat going on a regular basis is helpful to the body, but you might not necessarily have the time or the energy for an intense workout every day. That’s why it’s helpful to have other options, like an infrared sauna.


Getting into an infrared sauna for a relaxing session helps to rid the body of environmental chemicals that can enter through the pores, as well as heavy metals like lead and mercury. While we have some natural resistance, these contaminants can make us feel sluggish and wear us down over time. Although exposure to trace amounts is almost unavoidable, you can get rid of them in the relaxing atmosphere of your sauna.


Relaxation is the core difference between sweating in a gym versus doing so in a sauna. A workout will release endorphins, but there’s nothing like coming home from work and letting that soothing heat wash over you. It allows you to melt away stress as your tight and overworked muscles relax. We hold tension in our muscles, and exposure to heat causes them to loosen. A sauna also increases your circulation so you’ll feel rejuvenated while exfoliating your skin to a vibrant, youthful look.